Learning from History to Shape the Future

On July 22, 1822, the Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act, sponsored by the Irish Member of Parliament Richard “Humanity Dick” Martin, was signed into law by King George IV. The Act is widely considered to be the first piece of animal welfare legislation from a Western political body. Through a radio documentary, interviews, and essays, this website tells the story of Richard Martin, and the Act’s legacy over two centuries of animal advocacy.

Chart2050 does more than reflect on the past to examine the present reality for animals and advocacy on their behalf. Drawing its inspiration from the British Chartist movement of the 1830s and 1840s, which presented six demands for political reform, chart2050 is an invitation to imagine the next three decades of animal advocacy, and for communities around the world to consider what their demands might be, given the realities of the climate and biodiversity crises and the need to protect democracy, enhance resilience, and foster environmental justice.

To find out how you and your community can create your own “Animal Charter,” for 2050, click here.

Sponsored by the Culture & Animals Foundation, and directed by writer Alex Lockwood, chart2050 and the Martin’s Act at 200 radio documentary offer a critical examination of learning from the past to conceive of a better future. Join us on the journey.

Advancing animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression.

Ep. 1: Origins of Martin's Act

Ep. 2: Passage of Martin's Act

Ep. 3: Immediate Impacts

Ep. 4: The 20th Century

Ep. 5: Today's Relevance

Ep. 6: From Past to Future