The Martin’s Act at 200 audio documentary is a collaborative endeavor between Martin Rowe and the Culture & Animals Foundation and the writer Alex Lockwood. It is produced by Ryan Rhodes, with the voice talent of Ryan Rhodes and Peter Egan.

Our ambition in marking the bicentenary of Martin’s Act is to chart its history and legacy, and to generate new thinking and debate on the future of human–animal relations especially in regard to animals and the law.

Episodes in Series 1:

#1: Origins (released on July 22, 2022)

#2: Passage of Martin’s Act (released on July 22, 2022)

#3: Immediate Impacts (released on September 6, 2022)

#4: The 20th Century (released in December 2022)

#5: Today’s Relevance (released in December 2022)

#6: From Past to Future (released in December 2022)

The producers of the audio documentary would like to thank for their commitment to thinking about animals, and their written insights and spoken contributions to the audio documentary. They are, in alphabetical order: Carol J. AdamsDavid BilchitzCharlotte BlattnerSean Butler, Deborah Chao, Helen CowieManeesha DeckhaDiana DonaldErica FudgeVanessa GerritsenLorna HackettPhilip HowellHilda KeanThomas KelchSteven McCulloughMike RadfordHarriet RitvoRichard RyderKim StallwoodJane Tredgett, Lara Wallis, Steven Wise, and Kevin Yuill.