Sue Coe: The Trial of Bill Burns. Copyright Sue Coe, 2022

The passage of Martin’s Act both expanded and delimited the interests and rights of nonhuman animals. It sanctioned—that ambiguous word that means both “to forbid” and “to allow”—(some) cruelty against (some) animals by (some) people. So, what legal, political, and social lessons can we take from its passage? That legislative wins are difficult, time-consuming, and often limited by the system; that collaboration across areas of expertise is key; and that enforcement is as much an issue as the law itself.

We examine ideas animating the contemporary animal advocacy movement: transitional justice, racial reckoning, and the role of women in leadership. We look to the future: thinking about what is missing, and how we can create a just, inclusive, safe and effective animal movement as the model for the society we want to live in by (at least!) 2050.

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